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Valentine's Day gift ideas for her in every stage of the relationship

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February comes once again and with it so does Valentine’s Day. It’s the day every woman has been waiting for and, no matter how many times she says she doesn’t want anything, she is watching you. The pressure is on but we’ve got you covered with our guide to picking the perfect gift for every stage of a relationship.

You like her, but aren’t dating yet

If you clearly like each other, but nothing is official yet, then you can’t go wrong by getting her something sweet. There isn’t a woman in this universe who wouldn’t appreciate a good excuse for a cheat day. It’s a safe choice but it will show your romantic intentions and make her feel special. Here are some of our picks.

Luxury 7 inch Chocolate Pizza with Hearts

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CandyHouse - Sweet Kisses. Practice Makes Perfect, Fruit Flavour Jelly Lips

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It’s your first Valentine’s Day

This is your moment. It’s like a first impression all over again. She will be evaluating your romantic prowess and your performance is subject to judgement not only from her but her friends, parents, grandparents, and everyone on Instagram. She needs to feel like a princess. It has got to be big and impressive. The bigger, the more likes it gets.

Bucket of red roses

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Giant Teddy Bear

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You've just moved in together

At this stage you probably enjoy being in your new home more than anywhere else. If that’s the case then it’s perfectly acceptable to simply stay in. There’s more to spending a good time together than the clichéd “Netflix and chill” but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Mix it up a bit by cooking something together whilst projecting your favourite romantic comedy on the wall.

Smartphone compatible home projector

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💡 Consider moving on to a candle lit bath for extra brownie points.

Luxury Bath Bombs, Soap, Soy Candle Gift Set

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You’ve been together for a while but the spark is still very much alive

Now that the butterflies have calmed down a bit and you have proved to be worthy enough for her to stick around, get her something that she’ll make a real use out of and will remind her of you everyday.

GENI Cosmetic Bag

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⚠️ Danger: Any kitchen equipment will result in you sleeping on the sofa - no matter how many times you say it's because she's a great cook.


You’ve made the move and now it’s the only thing on her mind. Adding wedding inspiration pics to her Pinterest board has become a full-time job. Planning every single detail takes so much of her time that it makes you wonder if she still remembers you. Let her embrace her inner Bridezilla and get her a wedding planner.

Luxury Wedding Planner Book

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Good old marriage

Your marriage may be bliss, but if the only time you go out is when the kids go missing or when you get free cinema tickets from work then you need to get out of the house.
And, to be clear, I don’t mean a KFC date 🙅‍
Make her feel special, it’s only once a year! Bring back memories of the things that you used to do together and show you've still got a romantic side. A fancy restaurant serving wine by candlelight should do the job flawlessly.

bottle of wine with glasses in restaurant

If you're feeling particularly brave then you could go the extra mile and take her for a spa day. Yes, you need to go together.

A men in spa with a face mask on

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