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Free product instagram review

Congrats! You are visiting this page, because we have selected your profile for having great content.

We would like to offer you one of our products in exchange for an Instagram post with a review and a story mention. The post should have @genibags tagged in it and encourage visiting the product page in our store with a URL included in the profile bio. 

The product we are currently looking to promote is a vegan leather cosmetic bag of our own design.

We would also like to receive any high quality pictures you take via email, so we can use them for further promotion. Even if you take more, don't worry about editing them, just send them over. The more the merrier 🙂

We are also hoping this will be a start of a good long-term relationship. If you've got any less conventional ideas for advertising please don't hesitate to mention them. You know your audience best and we are open to your creativity!